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Bosch in the Booth

hieronymus_bosch_garden_of_earthly_delights_tryptich_centre_panel_-_detail_6-2THIS MORNING: Somehow Voting and going to the Guild to see Hieronymus Bosch: Touched by the Devil in the same day makes sense this year. While I don’t think any of the candidates have achieved angel or devil status I do believe Shyster Trump has loosed the devils of xenophobia, racism, sexism, and just plain old hatred not seen for awhile. As I view some of Bosch’s images in preparation for the film, it’s obvious he foresaw the Trump world of bad behavior and greed in some of his work…especially the Garden of Earthly Delights:

Hieronymus Bosch from the Garden of Earthly Delights

Hieronymus Bosch from the Garden of Earthly Delights

Hieronymus Bosch and GREED

Hieronymus Bosch and GREED

Now I’m good to go vote. Just thought having scenes from Trumpland in my mind as I head for the polls would add the right amount of adrenaline to the process. Sorry for the repetition but, again, I had hoped my first vote for a female President of the United States would be more fun than it’s turning out to be. Not that I don’t find Hillary’s grit, intelligence, support for women, determination, and acknowledged older-woman pants-suit grandmotherhood inspiring, it’s just that specter of the “selfish little sleazeball” (thanks Elizabeth Warren for yet one more apt label) casts a pall over every election season activity.

20161026_104422AROUND NOON: Back from the polls. Tough decision…Giggle with Gary, Dumb with Donald OR vote for a Smart Woman. Let’s seeeeeee…?  Lots of people there. Tried to identify Trump supporters but some of them almost look like normal people so it’s tricky. Besides what could I do? Trip them, give them the evil eye, or chant ‘abracadabra…YOU WILL vote for Hillary.’

I have so much work-work to do next month I should be getting on with it…but it’s hard to focus—too much art and politics and late October sun. It should snow around election time and I probably should be doing something appropriately political. Like drinking.



If You Don’t Vote, Don’t Gripe

Certainly adds to the scenery, doesn't it?

Certainly adds to the scenery, doesn’t it?I am not giving up my right to gripe so I voted today. And now I am going to tell you exactly how I voted. I know there’s some unwritten rule that you don’t tell people how you voted once you’ve done the deed. But that’s silly. I’m proud of how I vote.

Although truth be told, I did not vote with great enthusiasm this year. I keep thinking of something I heard on TV a few days ago. It went something like this, ‘Why would anyone spend 90% of their time raising money to get elected to a job where they’ll spend 90% of their time raising money.’ So you do have to wonder, who indeed and why? But today I put all that aside. Because voting still feels a little like a special event to me. It was even better when we stood in long lines wrapped around the corner of a building, shuffling ever so slowly forward, but passionate enough about causes and candidates to make it all worthwhile. Today it just took 10 minutes. Would have taken less if I could have just filled in the circle next to Democratic Party or however that used to read.

I happily voted for Senator Tom Udall who, as far as I can tell, has a nearly perfect voting record. According to friends, Michelle Lujan Grisham is definitely one of the good guys as well although I know little about her personally. Gary King’s dad was great and he’s not Susana Martinez which is a good enough reason to vote for him. On down the list, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat….  Then the endless column of judges. I skipped them having no idea who should stay, who should go. Bonds, just vote yes for all things pertaining to arts, libraries. seniors…


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