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Big Guns

Watching Tuesday night’s NCIS, lots of blood and shooting and slit throats. Sunday night on Good Wife, big courtroom shooting (yeah, darn it, Will’s dead). Russian’s walking around borders of other people’s countries with lots of big guns, plane load of passengers down at the bottom of the sea and the Albuquerque cops are seriously out of control and they have power and they have lots of big guns just like the Russians. Pretty much blood and guts and guns wherever I turn. And I’m participating willingly with my corporate media masters as far as the two-dimensional gun battles go. Oh oh, commercial’s over; gotta make sure none of my favorite agents are gunned down. Only place that’s violence-free is my work where I spent today working on a sweet little newsletter packed with photos of art and artists and friends and teachers. So what’s a nice non-violent photo for today?

Norwegian Mountainside. Doesn't look anything like this but the photo didn't scan well so I fixed it.

Norwegian Mountainside. Doesn’t look anything like this but the photo didn’t scan well so I fixed it.

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