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Good Morning Ducks and Geese

It was cool and damp by the morning river. Made me feel fresh, energized, optomistic. Then I made the mistake of turning on CNN for a quick moment before leaving for work and was reminded that yes I do live in Ugunistan…and there’s always another shooter out there. Wonder if more people will be killed by gunfire today in Pakistan, Somalia or the U.S.? I’m guessing the latter.

But back to the river. And, No, Mayor Berry or whoever wants more paths and trails in the Bosque…NO NO NO. Or just pave the whole damn thing over, leave the ponds and it could be a water fowl SHOOTING RANGE. I’m sad to say it wouldn’t surprise me if that were already in the planning stages in some gun dolt’s mind.

So here are some nice things in the world. I cannot help myself when I see these beautiful birds and I have a camera in my hand.


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