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Once I make up my mind, I’m full of indecision. (Oscar Levant)

Inspired by the WordPress ‘Photo 101’ Exercise, I decided to post a photograph each weekday of April that was either about spring or something about my odd and sometimes interesting state of New Mexico.

But maybe I cannot do that. Maybe I am not enough interested in either topic. Maybe between my house and work and gym I just cannot come up with the requisite photos ops.

I haven’t quite decided to give up yet though so I walked around the corner to check out some tulips. Tulips=Spring. And then I played a little with settings. Here’s my pretty little spring album.


Day Nine/Photo101: First Green

Sneaky Spring

P1040858 (2)


Unlike in moister parts of the world, here in Albuquerque spring sneaks in on small temperature changes and bursts of prematurely dusty wind. It’s chilly with bare branches one day, the next (it seems) it’s hot and greenish. Up north the ice and snow start melting down and you can hear the rivulets and trickles and would-be streams of water like spring music. And the old brown grass has to let the new green grass through as it demands its own space in the sun.

Not that I don’t love Albuquerque springs as well…it’s just that they are VERY subtle. Without smells or sound. Maybe I should call our version the somewhat sense-less spring. Still, I am happy when that quick leap is made from winter to summer.

Doesn’t feel quite fair of me to complain considering the severity of the northern winter this year. But the grass is always greener, the snow is always whiter, the freezing cold always more refreshing on the other side of the fence isn’t it?



Spring today then. Still some bare branches. Next tree over the new blossoms.


 MARCH 2014 014

Back to blogging. And walking. And it is a RAINY DAY. Which means good blogging, good walking and a way better than average 365 days ahead. Last post was November 12th with yellow leaves. Here’s what the neighborhood looks like TODAY March 1, 2014.

30% Chance of Rain…Won’t Happen!

Ahhh...spring and new life

Ahhh…spring and new life.

Albuquerque is known for its relentless sun. Some people think that is good, some do not. Also this year may turn out to be among the driest on record. So when there is a cold mostly-cloudy windy morning with 30% chance of rain that must be considered a good thing. It did, however, make for a very chilly morning walk, even the ducks and geese were cranky and/or were all tucked in upon themselves to keep warm.


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