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If You Don’t Vote, Don’t Gripe

Certainly adds to the scenery, doesn't it?

Certainly adds to the scenery, doesn’t it?I am not giving up my right to gripe so I voted today. And now I am going to tell you exactly how I voted. I know there’s some unwritten rule that you don’t tell people how you voted once you’ve done the deed. But that’s silly. I’m proud of how I vote.

Although truth be told, I did not vote with great enthusiasm this year. I keep thinking of something I heard on TV a few days ago. It went something like this, ‘Why would anyone spend 90% of their time raising money to get elected to a job where they’ll spend 90% of their time raising money.’ So you do have to wonder, who indeed and why? But today I put all that aside. Because voting still feels a little like a special event to me. It was even better when we stood in long lines wrapped around the corner of a building, shuffling ever so slowly forward, but passionate enough about causes and candidates to make it all worthwhile. Today it just took 10 minutes. Would have taken less if I could have just filled in the circle next to Democratic Party or however that used to read.

I happily voted for Senator Tom Udall who, as far as I can tell, has a nearly perfect voting record. According to friends, Michelle Lujan Grisham is definitely one of the good guys as well although I know little about her personally. Gary King’s dad was great and he’s not Susana Martinez which is a good enough reason to vote for him. On down the list, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat….  Then the endless column of judges. I skipped them having no idea who should stay, who should go. Bonds, just vote yes for all things pertaining to arts, libraries. seniors…


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