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A Perfect Sunday

APRIL, MAY 2014 017

My cold does linger but otherwise…Lots of time with morning papers, Journal takes twelve minutes, NYT the other three-four hours. That’s okay; it’s still very comforting to be surrounded by all that paper, all those words.

Afternoon windy and gray (my favorite day color).

I baked and cooked. Felt all warm and productive and generous. Banana breads for my neighbors next door, for Steven when he meets me for lunch tomorrow,  and for Susanna and me for a morning snack. It is exactly like banana bread is supposed to be: moist and steaky with some random chunks of banana that didn’t get totally mashed, full of buttermilk (created from vinegar and milk) and oil. Excellent if I do say so myself.

APRIL, MAY 2014 022

Then the extremely simple, relatively healthful and most tasteful pasta and sautéed kale. Butter, olive oil, browning the garlic, then in with lots of chopped baby kale. sautée, add the just-cooked spaghetti, sprinkle with a little crushed red pepper and parmesan. All in my new IKEA pan (thanks Scott).I’m feeling much the gourmet cook at the moment.

Shower, evening of mature girly TV: Doc Martin, Call the Midwife, The Good Wife, then throw in the bad boy of food and travel for a bit of variety. Life is good.

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