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Yay…Healthcare For All. Or at Least More.

DSCN2376NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS from the past week. How about that Obamacare? Yes, it’s a flawed plan. And yes the cowardly politicos of the Democratic Party should have gone for Universal Single Payer Healthcare. Maybe if they had been forceful enough and united enough and convincing enough it could have happened. HOWEVER Obamacare is a start. I think. Anyway something with that much opposition from the ‘other side of the aisle’ must be a good thing. So bravo Mr. President and a Supreme or two. I want Obama to go down in history as a reasonably great president. And he is to have suffered through the trials and tribulations of being the first black president with a high degree of dignity and rationality intact. Actually I am very proud of him for not having stooped to stoop in the near-mud of day-to-day politics. And more about Amazing Grace later.


Damn Buzzards

admin-ajaxNot quite through with the darkness of last week. The Republicans’ gurgling and whimpering and harrumphing just before descending in a feeding frenzy on flags and healthcare and gay marriage. Not really having anywhere to go in this new multi-hued world they hate so much but saying stuff to be saying stuff. Creepy.

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