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2600 Mondays

I have had a job/been employed/gone to work for approximately 50 years. Or, to put it more depressingly, I have gotten up and gone to work 2600 Monday mornings. 

True, some Mondays are better than others. Today was not in the ”better’ category. Didn’t sleep last night, eye infected, work is work, didn’t perform as vigorously as desired in abs class–is this what is called a ‘piss and moan’ moment?

On the good side, I’m formally entering the UCLA Creative Nonfiction Writing Certificate Program. And I googled TransSiberian Express trips/costs/visas, etc. and that all looks possible. So that makes me happy. I guess it’s all okay.

Now let me find a photo to attach.

A God(dess) for Monday.

A God(dess) for Monday.

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