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New Camera

Busy day. Meant to write something profound–as usual. Lovely granddaughter just here. Eating a triple ginger cookie from Flying Star. But here’s the BIG thing. New phone. The Galaxy 5. Think I like it. Amazing how phones all went to smaller and smaller and smaller and are now reversing that trend. This one’s pretty big but light and the attraction is–they (you know, the corporate guys and their lackeys) say this is almost the best thing since sliced bread especially for the camera. So I’m trying to make that a reality. Unfortunately I am probably going to have to read the instructions to go there since half of the photos I took yesterday morning are brilliant and the other half are big fuzzy blackish things. Anyway I’ll work on that. Here are a few really pretty photos, most with ducks and geese. Sorry about that but it’s the landscape of my summer life.

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