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Duck with Cherry Tomato Sauce

So refreshing first thing...

So refreshing first thing…


Baked in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, tarragon, garlic, sugar, sea salt

Baked in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, tarragon, garlic, sugar, sea salt

Not Really.



Back to the Good Stuff

So got that family thing out of the way…all those photos of happy graduates and the President. Now for some creatures of true beauty.

Ditch bank in first light

Ditch bank in first light

Hey it was cold last night...that sun feels so good on my back.

Hey it was cold last night…that sun feels so good on my back.

Just woke up. No time to brush our beaks yet.

Just woke up. No time to brush our beaks yet.

More wild life photography practice.

More wild life photography practice.

Back at the Beach

The great great grandchildren of 2012's duck (not geese right?) photos.

The great great grandchildren of 2012’s duck (not geese right?) photos.

Tingley is just the kind of beach you want when you’re over a certain age, whatever age that is for each of us. No swimming, sunbathing, beer drinking, beach volleyball or making out allowed. Just walkers and cyclists and ducks and me.

Late May and the daytime temperature already in the upper 80s but at 6am one can believe that life is fresh and green…somewhere to the east perhaps. It was a little chilly this morning but the drought is so extreme that even at dawn there is not the slightest hint of damp in the air. I don’t ever remember dew in this part of the world, but sometimes, very early in the day the memory of moisture might tantalize. Not anymore.

Never mind. It was beautiful in its own New Mexico way.

Friends are good.

Friends are good.

Good Morning Ducks and Geese

It was cool and damp by the morning river. Made me feel fresh, energized, optomistic. Then I made the mistake of turning on CNN for a quick moment before leaving for work and was reminded that yes I do live in Ugunistan…and there’s always another shooter out there. Wonder if more people will be killed by gunfire today in Pakistan, Somalia or the U.S.? I’m guessing the latter.

But back to the river. And, No, Mayor Berry or whoever wants more paths and trails in the Bosque…NO NO NO. Or just pave the whole damn thing over, leave the ponds and it could be a water fowl SHOOTING RANGE. I’m sad to say it wouldn’t surprise me if that were already in the planning stages in some gun dolt’s mind.

So here are some nice things in the world. I cannot help myself when I see these beautiful birds and I have a camera in my hand.




Happiness is an elusive state of being but we never give up trying to define it. The country of Bhutan has gone a step further than the rest of us and defined “Gross National Happiness” and is building national policies around the concept. Which certainly makes as much sense as our fixation on how high our Gross National Product can/should be considering that its numbers give equal weight to the revenue earned through car sales AND through the medical, disability and death costs associated with car crashes.

Tingley Beach: 6:30am. I’m feeling good. Walking semi-briskly, just the slightest bit of chill in the air, it is calm with only people about who like to be up early, walk dogs, move their sleepy bodies and ride bikes. Feeling good.

Half hour goes by; I’m trying to think about what photos I can take that will indicate fall is almost here. Dying flowers…that works. And the ducks and geese are out in full force this morning. Their kids are all teens now, mostly ignoring parents while simultaneously mimicking their grown-up actions. I love these guys. Teenagers in the water fowl world are a sign of fall I’m thinking.

All of a sudden I realize I am happy. Happy is not the same as feeling good. Happy is…well, you know it when you feel it. One-part satisfaction about where you are in the moment; one-part calm; one-part anticipation; one-part rested; one-part invigorated and on and on it goes. That is happiness.

Here is the weekly Tingley Beach photo album:





Wild Life Photographer Me


No such thing as too many duck photos.

Wednesday morning was exciting–a new duck photo AND a blurry skunk. Life is on track. Walking walking walking…


I’ll track him down and make him stand still for a better shot … next week.

Big Bird Therapy


Walking in the morning is good; but I don’t get the full effect until I see my big birds. From this morning’s photo op…


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