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JUNE 2015: 23rd-28th. The 28th. TODAY

TODAY is a lazy Sunday. Now for my usual PBS evening. Old Doc Martin (since I’ve already binged on all of the back seasons), a new season of Last Tango in Halifax, and something about nurses in war. Eventually I’ll watch the Glen Campbell doc but maybe not tonight. Charlie Rose is reviewing a show at the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg WHICH I CAN GO SEE IN AUGUST.

I’m only posting here until July 4th when work gets serious on Time and Place ( about the rapidly approaching Big 2015 Trip and a few other important topics once in awhile. A few photos to sign off …



So many devices, so little time--except for my whole weekend

So many devices, so little time–except for my whole weekend

This is not really about our beloved machines; it is about the pleasure of the programming, carried on any device, which encourages us to sit passively viewing moving stories on screens, large and small.

Me, I love them—all those stories whether fiction, fact, even the occasional spectacle. Until they tires me out and I can get back to other (more) worthwhile things in life like reading and writing and walking and cooking and painting and thinking.

But it seems I must have escape times that last for hours or even a couple of days. I’ve always done this. In my pre-television, pre-Netflix series years I simply stayed in bed all day in my pajamas, reading and reading. My mother let me do that instead of going to school every single day. Thanks, Mom.

Now sometimes I do the book days but more often than not, my story binging is in front of the tube. That is not all bad, not at all, especially with a few interesting series, heretofore undiscovered, to suck me in: House of Cards, Doc Martin, Orange is the New Black, Weeds and at least two Scandinavian crime/comedy dramas.

For proper escapism the ‘entertainment’ must be somewhat intelligent while still not requiring serious concentration. House of Cards doesn’t quite fit that bill since it demands undivided attention but Doc Martin is quite perfect. If you haven’t watched it yet it’s like this: picturesque English village with an assortment of quirky characters whose stories are played out in the doctor’s office. The doctor is likely autistic and definitely acerbic and his love interest is beautiful but a bit odd herself. Doc Martin is House with extra British humor and slightly more endearing characters in a setting as gorgeous but more user-friendly than Downton Abbey.

The weekend is drawing to its lazy close but I still have one more job to do. Time to revisit The Good Wife. Thank god I must return to work tomorrow morning.

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