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The Boys in the Family: Scott, son Steven, bro Steven. In the dark Botswana night.

The Boys in the Family: Scott, son Steven, bro Steven. In the dark Botswana night.

From Paris to work to 24 hour bug to work again to tomorrow when my eldest son Scott will appear from San Diego for a visit with mommy and the bro. I am looking forward to a very nice weekend with talk and eating well and maybe some movies.

Meanwhile I am having a bit of an existential crisis. I keep saying my life henceforth is dedicated to becoming an effective writer—to legitimately label myself a writer. I want desperately to respond to the question of ‘what do you do’ with ‘writer.’

However being a writer implies that whatever I put out there for public consumption would have to be coherent, interesting and full of humor, intelligence or wisdom. Right?

So what to do about my blogs. Sometimes I’m quite proud of the contents of one or the other; other times I’m just putting words to screen because it’s become a habit, a regular part of my day—and I do like to write after all.

I must decide whether to keep this blog, Today X 365, as a sort of daily journal/diary or only ‘go public’ with offerings more cleanly edited and/or topics of broader interest or more vital subjects.

Ah yes, that time-worn question about the meaning of existence. Reduced slightly in my case to the meaning of blogs. Pathetic.

Let me just consider that food I mentioned (Scott will want New Mexican) and movies (seven Oscar nominations to go) and hanging out with my quite wonderful sons this weekend. I cannot be too worthless if I have these two fine, smart, hard-working, kind, interesting men as sons, yes? Good husbands, fathers, sons and, of course, liberal Democrats. I’ve raised liberals, therefore I am.


Banish the Boogeypeople; Vote Democrat



Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid…say the Republicans. I challenge you to find one Republican campaigning on anything other than FEAR. The boogeymen— of Ebola and the nurses who treat the sick and dying; ISIS fighters flooding in from Canada; black presidents and black voters, pushy damn women who want choices; gun-controlling moms and gay-marriagers trying to destroy the sanctity of all those perfect hetero-marriages— are being sent forth in great waves.

Obamacare Obamacare Obamacare. Be VERY Afraid.



Our very own New Mexico Republican governor’s biggest fear is all those illegals after that prized possession, a New Mexico driver’s license. Never mind that it’s apparently not that hard to keep driving around here after multiple drunk driving charges, it’s those pesky illegals that cause all the trouble. She is afraid, she is very afraid.

The boogeymen/women are mesmerizing the gullible the cowardly the ignorant; they are spooking the neighbors who treasure their guns above all; they are whispering in the ear of your uncle who’s never trusted Canada since they let in American draft dodgers during the Vietnam war; they are reminding the guy at the office that he met someone from Africa just last year who shook his hand and maybe he had Ebola and…


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