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Day Seven/Photo101: Connected!

Fear of Being Connected is a State of Mind, baby! Whatever makes you feel as in touch with people and places as you want to be is what you should do. You want one or 5000 Facebook Friends? Pick. You want to blog, tweet, other stuff? Do it. You do not want to do any of that. Do not do any of that. You want to limit your connections to real live human beings and animals? No animals, just grandchildren? No neighbors, just your work comrades? IT. IS. YOUR. CHOICE.

That’s what I love about right now in this time and this world. Soon every single thing will be electronically connected–my computer to my car to buying and eating my cereal to wiping my butt. And every single person you have ever known will just be sitting there in the Cloud waiting to drop onto your shoulder for a chat¬†about your attitude.

Back then, we wrote letters and had different physical things called keys for doors and drawers and cars and cabinets.¬†But right now, lucky us, there’s a moment of choice. So get over it. Enjoy…


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