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Becoming American

No secret I’ve never been all that Capital A-American. The US, like every other country is only as good as it treats the least among us…which puts us somewhere in the middle ranks I would say. I consider the flag a piece of cloth…although I do feel patriotic when hearing either Battle Hymn of the Republic or Simon and Garfunkel’s We’ve All Gone to Look for America.

In honor of election time however, in the last couple of weeks I’ve worked hard at becoming a Real American. When Hillary is declared the winner I want to celebrate my country, little slow on the draw but we finally come through…often. If the Shyster should win, next time I’m home in Minnesota I’ll be one of those border jumpers, right across the Rainy River or a soy bean field on the west end of the state. Here’s how I became a ‘Real American’:


So #1, I acquired “a team.” I was just in Chicago and now I Am A Serious Cubs Fan.

#2. I went to church at 10am yesterday, Sunday. At least I’m pretty sure it was church. There were a bunch of books resembling hymnals and bibles piled around and a couple of stern old guys resembling prophets straight out of biblical times.


#3. I ate pizza.

#4. I spent the afternoon with some ‘girls gone wild.



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