Jane Sprague’s Color Book

It’s Saturday night and Judy Collins is singing to me…In My Life…Amazing Grace…Send in the Clowns…Both Sides Now, every tune both pleasantly nostalgic and still pertinent. We had a most enjoyable art opening and poetry event at North Fourth last night and some of my best old friends were there. Today I’ve been writing all day, with the occasional dip into a book and food and plant watering. My photos of the people and places ‘in my life’ surround me…I’m very happy.

One of the things that makes me happiest is color and my workplace, the North Fourth Art Center, joyfully reflects that love. While everyone isn’t as enamored of bright, some might say gaudy, hues, fellow staffer Tim is my partner in crime. Together we have re-imagined the Center as a lively background for our artists’ paintings and performances. And simply to pleasure our eyes.



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  1. Thomas Smith

    I need some Judi Collins in my life….you tube…it must be there, everything else is. The colors…well, they certainly are vibrant….and you folks are all about the arts, so why not.


    • Do I detect just a slight note of skepticism about all that color…and here I was going to help you paint while I was there, everything burgundy, strawberry, lime green…no?


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