TODAY on Extended Leave


Here, to launch Today’s sabbatical, are my three extraordinarily smart and talented Albuquerque granddaughters. And the furry one’s quite beautiful as well.

Sara and after Cheerleading is approaching for Sara. Sara and Patricia…life after Cheerleading is approaching for Sara.

Another sabbatical in my blog family. Today will sleep awhile—maybe until the days dwindle down to a wretched few of Chief Weasel Trump. Then Rip Van Winkle-like Today will rise again because every day will be a bright new adventure in progressive thinking. Yeah, right.

I would delete this blog but then four years of life’s more trivial pursuits would disappear. True they’re of absolutely no interest to anyone, mostly even me (except for those glorious photos of cherry tomatoes sizzling in brown sugar and butter and of Luna, the wonder dog). But a journal’s a journal; a diary’s a diary and that’s what Today has been. I suppose there’s room enough for her to be tucked away in the Cloud or…

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  1. Hi Marjorie,

    My name is Mark Rapacz … I’m a Minnesota writer who will soon be putting out a crime fiction book about mosquito controllers. There are two photos from your website I would love to use for the cover design … assuming I could get your permission. They’re from a post you put up a while back … one is of this great large mosquito folk art piece and then another picture of what looks to be a standard Minnesota wetland … the style is great.

    If you’re interested or curious, please email me at mrrapacz [at] hotmail [dot] com.

    Great blog!



    • Hi Mark…yes of course you can use them. I’m assuming you’d like the jpegs which I can email to you today or tomorrow. Would love to have credit if that’s okay. As a a great lover of crime fiction AND of Minnesota I look forward to the book! Marj


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