TODAY on Extended Leave

Here, to launch Today’s sabbatical, are my three extraordinarily smart and talented Albuquerque granddaughters. And the furry one’s quite beautiful as well.

Sara and after Cheerleading is approaching for Sara.

Sara and Patricia…life after Cheerleading is approaching for Sara.

Another sabbatical in my blog family. Today will sleep awhile—maybe until the days dwindle down to a wretched few of Chief Weasel Trump. Then Rip Van Winkle-like Today will rise again because every day will be a bright new adventure in progressive thinking. Yeah, right.

I would delete this blog but then four years of life’s more trivial pursuits would disappear. True they’re of absolutely no interest to anyone, mostly even me (except for those glorious photos of cherry tomatoes sizzling in brown sugar and butter and of Luna, the wonder dog). But a journal’s a journal; a diary’s a diary and that’s what Today has been. I suppose there’s room enough for her to be tucked away in the Cloud or cyberspace or Siberia for awhile until…

If you’re having a really bad day you can scroll back a few months and see beautiful Luna at the dog park and in a mud bath and sitting on the couch eating yogurt with me.

Please check in with Time and Place again soon, also a couple of new things coming along. They’ll all show up on Facebook or on the Time and Place heading. Cheers and Let’s Keep Persisting…


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  2. Resist…resist…resist….and don’t forget to write. Your blogging public misses you when you don’t post…what is she up to? is she going to blog anything again? Is she on the Trans Siberian Express again? Take the Roadrunner to Santa Fe and go to the Georgia O’Keefe museum and be grateful she painted for us and we can get lost in her art and we can forget about you know who.


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