Today is Not a Good Day

I do promise this is my last political rant for a long time to come.

I’m physically at work after a mostly sleepless night but mentally I am SOMEWHERE FAR AWAY.


I spent last night veering between almost-vomiting and almost-crying as I paced the confines of my tiny living room and periodically tried dozing. Couldn’t turn on the TV once I realized the worst had happened and reading was difficult.

So I simply mourned—for the loss of Presidential intelligence, experience, good citizenship and good manners, adult behavior, the ability to articulate ideas and goals, and possibly a broad interest and knowledge of the whole wide world. Gone.

This is the last time I will write about The Shyster and his adoring public and there’s not much to say that all of us haven’t said over and over in the past few hours.

But one more time I must say this: it is so sad to think half of our voting population is ill-informed and/or terrified of the world and/or racist, sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic and/or just plain mean and dumb. And thanks to them I can’t write a happy little blurb saying “Phew, thank god THAT’S over.” I am happy to say MY states did okay: New Mexico, Minnesota, California. Good job us.

The Shyster IS NOT MY President. Hillary won the popular vote which is what I go by. But he wouldn’t be in any case.


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  1. I do not understand why so many voted for cheeto face either. However, like all political victories it is the result of a coalition of many viewpoints….some rather frightening ….but founded on the principal that the working stiff in America and his family got stiffed by the system that chose to make other people wealthy at their expense. It is a real fear of the end of their economic and social dream…that is why they came out in such numbers, fear…and sometimes loathing. The Republic will stand and we will be around to fight another day. I have no intention of checking out of this part of the universe until we have elected a woman, hopefully a really progressive woman.


  2. So the good news is the Shyster is considering Sarah Palin for a high government position! Sleep tight.


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