First Week Home

Re-entry is never easy even if you think you have it under control. Seven hours time difference between here Albuquerque and London and a world of culture shock. I loved being in Northern Europe and Greenland, the latter being a little Canadian, a little European, and totally all itself. But now I’m not there.

So what’s good about being home is this. A morning at the dog park with my very favorite family member of all time–at least since Princess and Max days. Patricia was home from Lubbock for a few days so it was much fun to have a little visiting time with my human granddaughter and then the special treat of time with Luna!



I was supposed to have a guest for some part of a friend’s wedding weekend so I finally got the guest bedroom/library/laundry in its almost final shape. Another good.


And tonight’s a gallery opening at our N4th Gallery. Tim and Chris, our art curators, always manage to make the space look quite professional and elegant. There’s a piece I want which reminds me so much of Greenland and a large bottle of white wine chilling in the kitchen.

By CATHERINE LYNCH, love this piece. Reminds me so much of Greenland and stark landscape and glaciers.

By CATHERINE LYNCH, love this piece. Reminds me so much of Greenland and stark landscape and glaciers.

AND the heat wave has broken, it’s all monsoon-damp and mostly cloudy with sporadic rain. Oh thank you great weather spirit. And new odd plant-like things have sprouted out front. What are they?


Oh yeah, AND maybe Trump is tanking. Because if not we are in such trouble, he is so very mentally ill (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) and evil-enough to make me almost believe in an actual devil.

I guess I’m okay with being home.

Here’s where I was.



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    Re-posting to ‘Time and Place’ since my head’s still in Greenland for a few more days of writing.


  2. I know what you mean about returning to the familiar. My New Mexico adventure of a couple years ago was so great….especially being in O’Keefe country. And in a short time on the train back home, feeling a bit sad and reflective and then bang….you are back in Dover. Yes, I know exactly that feeling.


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