Home is Where Your Stuff is…


April 30th. It’s a rainy evening…April showers and all that. I realize how happy I am to be in my new home. And it’s not even The Home yet! A good month and May will be even better as I properly settle in among my favorite things and even a few brand new favorite things like a dust mop, big bright green fern, and best of all an IKEA Day Bed for the guest room/library/laundry. But more about that in the future.

I wrote a small review of my life at 208 that I’ve decided to include here just to properly close out a major phase of my life.

April 8th. This morning was my last morning alone at 208. Sixteen years. A passage. From late-middle-age to pre-old-old—a small amount of nostalgia/sentimentality/memory-gorging allowed. During this16 years, here’s what I did:

  • Discovered my kids siblings grandchildren cousins are my best friends and have begun transitioning into a sweet little old lady—the kind of whom it is said, “Wasn’t she just the sweetest thing ever?” Or Not.
  • Made (with a lot of help from my friends) a festival called Global DanceFest of which I am very proud.
  • Traveled a bunch.
  • Became a blogger—of sorts.
  • Discovered the wonders of gyms and walking and feeling strong.
  • Been the sometimes excellent, sometimes mediocre director of a small but brilliant arts and disability organization.
  • And…prepared myself for the next (possibly final!) stage of life as A Writer by blogging, getting a UCLA certificate in literary non-fiction and by Starting The Book and the 100 (more about this later also).

It’s been great


Now moving on uptown

To Write

All of the time

Anything else a crime

Because there’s no more time time time…


Perhaps I’ll be a poet.

Perhaps Not.


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Writer, Traveler, Director/North Fourth Art Center

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  1. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this post. I have lost track of some friends over the years…and certainly do not want to lose track of somebody so special. Hope you are settling in ok, I am sure you will. cold and rainy Spring here in the mid atlantic, but the flowers and flowering trees are quite spectacular this year, or so it seems to me. At my age, just happy to see another Spring.


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