Moving: The Countdown to Saturday


The fourth day from now I’ll move—with a lot of help from my sons of course. I do feel quite sentimental about my eclectic downtown neighborhood, the Bosque nearby, and my brightly-walled apartment. That is until the upstairs kid thunders across the floor above my head and then sentimentality goes right out the window.

My new Northeast Heights neighborhood is…well…is…boring. But pleasantly quietly so; single story; tiny yard where I could grow turnips out back and maybe raise a couple of Leghorns—that’s a joke; dishwasher, garbage disposal, washer, dryer, windows in every room; elementary school across the street in case I adopt tiny children; decent pizza place in the hood—although pizza is not among my favorite foods; little further from work/little closer to the gym. Economical. What’s not to like except the boring part?

I’ll move in my stuff, add a few extra IKEA touches and a new era will commence…hmmm…how many of those do I have left?

I do like reasons to declare a next life-phase about to begin though. Yet one more chance to Get It Right!


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