DUCK OF 2016


It is time. I’ve lived downtown for over 15 years, same apartment, and I have loved it. Just the right size, cost, landlords, neighborhood. A few months ago a rather rambunctious family moved in upstairs, not awful people, just awful right above my head. It has taken me a little time to realize I can’t will these people away, and that I’ve just been really lucky all of these years with upstairs neighbors. So dear downtown apartment, with great reluctance I’m am severing our fine relationship. At least it was with great reluctance until today.

I took the day off, wrote for a long time and then headed down to the river after too long not walking. Halfway through the walk I realized I was done with here. That I wanted to move. That 15-year stint is longer than anyplace I’ve ever lived except for my 18 years at my original home in Koochiching County, Minnesota. Long enough. Done.

Steven will go with me Saturday on a first reconnaissance mission for the right neighborhood. Must be between work and the gym and his house. In fact, although he and Michele and Sara are far up on Paseo and Tramway, that’s where I would like to live. The problem is money of course. Steve’s neighborhood has few rentals and they’re probably all out of my price range since I must stay at the low end of that food chain in order to continue traveling. Damn…hate the reality of things.

There’s all the time in the world to search fortunately because I’m still not unhappy here. Just annoyed and bored. Which is the way my walk felt today. Boring. I need a new path.

So dry. None of the juicy spring of the snowy melting north.


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  1. It is a great surprise that I read about your wanting to move, you seemed so completely settled. However, I guess the new rambunctious neighbors are the catalyst for your change. Sometimes we do not know we need a change until something changes how we look at our situation. Every year you go off on a new adventure and come home to your “port”, your apartment that feels so comfortable even to me, because it seems I know it so well. It is no news to me that you detest dry. You are from a wet place and so am I, yet I find the dry to be just as comfortable to me as the wet. I wonder why?


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