October 6, 2015. Day Begins. Day Ends.

It’s Balloon Fiesta time in Albuquerque. And one greeted us up close and personal when we arrived at work this morning.20151006_082513

And this evening, dinner with my baby-of-the-family granddaughter, the amazing SARA.


Okay, so the waiter took the second picture. But I handed him the camera.


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  1. The Balloon Fiesta. When I was the Assistant Manager of the Sheraton Old Town (remember it?) the first Balloon Fiesta got free rooms because they had no money and we sold ceramic banks in the shape of a Balloon to raise money for them…my..my..now they are all grown up…and your granddaughter is lovel


  2. my holistic life

    Lovely pictures. The balloon fiesta is a sight to see.


  3. Did you know Linda Rutherford who started it all with Tom. She died this last year. I think she lived in Mexico.


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