JUNE 2015: 23rd-28th. The 28th. Today.

TODAY is a lazy Sunday. Now for my usual PBS evening. Old Doc Martin (since I’ve already binged on all of the back seasons), a new season of Last Tango in Halifax, and something about nurses in war. Eventually I’ll watch the Glen Campbell doc but maybe not tonight. Charlie Rose is reviewing a show at the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg which I can go see in Auguest!

I’m only posting here until July 4th when work gets serious on Time and Place (mneset.me) about the rapidly approaching Big 2015 Trip and a few other important topics once in awhile. A few photos to sign off …


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  1. PBS series is Crimson Tide about nurses in WWI. It is pretty good. I like it. I watched about 5 minutes of Glen Campbell…Alzhemiers story…I could not watch any more…sad…disturbing. your duck photos are soothing…thanks…


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