Dark Clouds Gather

20150624_205405Catching Up. I intended to write this on June 23rd, noting a personal and national darkness that descended on the 17th. How can Charleston happen? Now in all of our digital sophistication, in a world where there’s an ‘internet of everything’, a drone for each of us, a helpful robot  in our future…how is it a creepy crazy with a gun and a bogus flag can still bring terror and sorrow to so many. We think we are so worldly-wise but really we remain base creatures crawling out of the muck, don’t we?

Since in other ways the last days have been brighter than an average week, I guess I’ll catch up here, one post at a time.


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  1. What happened to the newAmerica we wanted in the sixties? Guns and violence and hate…..where are the people of good will?


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