The Girl and the Boy

DSCN2471So the best part of the week was…the ARRIVAL OF TERESA. My amazing granddaughter and special traveling buddy of many years. And she was joined yesterday by her boyfriend Jonathan who’s practically worthy of her. I’m pretty sure. They’re off on a Santa Fe adventure right now, La Fonda and the Shedd. Then back here to real life; they both work remotely, Teresa only until she’s off to Berkeley and grad school in a few weeks, Jonathan only for a couple of days while his HP work space is being renovated. So we’ll all go to work tomorrow as usual-a little happier and sadder by the past week.



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  1. MEMORIES….when you mentioned La Fonda…Roy and I went there last year 4 days…but never got to eat at the Shed…always full…for hours….but instead of eating, shopped at the Christmas shop next to them. Had fun there…and had even more fun with our tour at Ghost Ranch. I would do it all again…right now…just need a train ticket.


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