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JUNE 2015: 23rd-28th. The 28th. Today.

TODAY is a lazy Sunday. Now for my usual PBS evening. Old Doc Martin (since I’ve already binged on all of the back seasons), a new season of Last Tango in Halifax, and something about nurses in war. Eventually I’ll watch the Glen Campbell doc but maybe not tonight. Charlie Rose is reviewing a show at the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg which I can go see in Auguest!

I’m only posting here until July 4th when work gets serious on Time and Place ( about the rapidly approaching Big 2015 Trip and a few other important topics once in awhile. A few photos to sign off …


The Girl and the Boy

DSCN2471So the best part of the week was…the ARRIVAL OF TERESA. My amazing granddaughter and special traveling buddy of many years. And she was joined yesterday by her boyfriend Jonathan who’s practically worthy of her. I’m pretty sure. They’re off on a Santa Fe adventure right now, La Fonda and the Shedd. Then back here to real life; they both work remotely, Teresa only until she’s off to Berkeley and grad school in a few weeks, Jonathan only for a couple of days while his HP work space is being renovated. So we’ll all go to work tomorrow as usual-a little happier and sadder by the past week.


Said Alice…


Refrigerator door. YES!

I live in a rainbow. My friends and family and house. Cultures, races, ethnicities, preferences in all things. It is quite beautiful and interesting and stimulating and inspiring. Yay, Justice Kennedy for intelligence and wisdom…and to everyone else (including Obama and Clinton) who finally got on board and to my friends and colleagues and admired people in the world whom I haven’t met for being brave and loving each other no matter what.

So I was looking for a picture of something around my house that would represent this most cool and gigantic and important and humane and joyous event. Here’s the best I could do. A photo or two of happiness.

In reality the wall is not quite that gold but it's a GOLD-level event isn't it? And my Bali friends approve.

In reality the wall is not quite that gold but it’s a GOLD-level event isn’t it? And my Bali friends approve.



Yay…Healthcare For All. Or at Least More.

DSCN2376NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS from the past week. How about that Obamacare? Yes, it’s a flawed plan. And yes the cowardly politicos of the Democratic Party should have gone for Universal Single Payer Healthcare. Maybe if they had been forceful enough and united enough and convincing enough it could have happened. HOWEVER Obamacare is a start. I think. Anyway something with that much opposition from the ‘other side of the aisle’ must be a good thing. So bravo Mr. President and a Supreme or two. I want Obama to go down in history as a reasonably great president. And he is to have suffered through the trials and tribulations of being the first black president with a high degree of dignity and rationality intact. Actually I am very proud of him for not having stooped to stoop in the near-mud of day-to-day politics. And more about Amazing Grace later.

Damn Buzzards

admin-ajaxNot quite through with the darkness of last week. The Republicans’ gurgling and whimpering and harrumphing just before descending in a feeding frenzy on flags and healthcare and gay marriage. Not really having anywhere to go in this new multi-hued world they hate so much but saying stuff to be saying stuff. Creepy.

Dark Clouds Gather

20150624_205405Catching Up. I intended to write this on June 23rd, noting a personal and national darkness that descended on the 17th. How can Charleston happen? Now in all of our digital sophistication, in a world where there’s an ‘internet of everything’, a drone for each of us, a helpful robot  in our future…how is it a creepy crazy with a gun and a bogus flag can still bring terror and sorrow to so many. We think we are so worldly-wise but really we remain base creatures crawling out of the muck, don’t we?

Since in other ways the last days have been brighter than an average week, I guess I’ll catch up here, one post at a time.



SEASON THREE. ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. ALL’S RIGHT WITH THE WORLD. Litchfield is still TV/Netflix’s place to be. Three episodes with friend Val who has never seen show before, it would have been wrong of me not to have introduced her to this Crazy Tough VERY Funny Show About Us. Women. Teresa arrives Thursday, a chance for another small binge.

Val and I after last night’s binge.



And Me.

The Second Day of Summer


5:50AM. Walking along the ponds and bike path. Tingley Beach. First New Mexico walk in awhile. I thought I was green-satiated after Minnesota but how lovely it was to have my whole regular path greened-up as well. My friendly water-birds did not capture my picture-taking fancy this AM so here’s a bit of Albuquerque plant life instead.



The Saturday Night Girls


Buen Viaje danced and Equilibrium acted and it was a glamorous night at North Fourth Art Center. There were dancers: Ruth, Grace, Sarah, Cassie. And dance choreographer/BVD artistic director, Bryn, and ex-Buen Viaje dancer and visitor, Val. Saturday night on North 4th is a wild and lovely experience.




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