I do love to blog. Today X 365 for daily chatter and photos and the occasional food comment/review—for family, friends and other WordPress chatterers. Time and Place, intended to get better and better until it’s a serious informative and literary travel blog that many people want to read—working on that.

Right now I need a month off. This writing class is seriously time-consuming. And since I’m am spending a lot of money for a Creative Nonfiction Writing Certificate from UCLA,  I need to revert to the sweet little teacher’s pet I was in the second grade. I will admit that image was pretty seriously tarnished in high school but now at my presently advanced age I feel it all returning. My main goal for this course of study is to make me write; second goal to make me write better. It feels like both goals are being slowly achieved but I need to focus focus focus.

So until May 22nd when I leave for Minnesota, all time outside my real-work must be ‘in class.’  Goodbye blogs and MOOCs and reading for the Big15Trip and taking pictures and any returning Netflix series and trying to keep up with foreign films and documentaries and….  I do plan on continuing to eat, sleep and take showers. Beyond that it is just work and school and work and school and work and school.


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  1. Sounds like work to me. However you love to write so the class should not feel like work to you, just to your observers…or is it work? How do you have time for all of this? You have encouraged me to start looking at how much time I waste and what to do about it…but it will NOT be taking any university courses!


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