???????????????????????????????Scott (no wine) and Tom (no grits), I’m okay. Not even depressed. Practically happy. Did not sample the pretty rosé but did eat half of the angel food cake and now I’m going to bed with Chess Men. Third in a series I like. Crime in the Hebrides. Wild and spooky islands off the coast of Scotland. Over an hour at the gym, good day at work. Amazing how life snaps right out of its sullen little fits. Sometimes. Back to travel tomorrow.


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  1. The problem with grits (wait,that could be a great title for a book, keep it in mind)…the problem with grits is that it is a regional food from the South and when it is eaten in other parts of the country they do not “set well”, if you know what I mean. This is because of the effect of the magnetic poles on them…when they are taken out of the South their magnetic center is disturbed and sort of solidify in the stomach. I am sure I read this somewhere. Didn’t I? Well, the crime book sounds better than grits, I don’t know if it better than a nice rose wine, but better than grits.


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