Once I make up my mind, I’m full of indecision. (Oscar Levant)

Inspired by the WordPress ‘Photo 101’ Exercise, I decided to post a photograph each weekday of April that was either about spring or something about my odd and sometimes interesting state of New Mexico.

But maybe I cannot do that. Maybe I am not enough interested in either topic. Maybe between my house and work and gym I just cannot come up with the requisite photos ops.

I haven’t quite decided to give up yet though so I walked around the corner to check out some tulips. Tulips=Spring. And then I played a little with settings. Here’s my pretty little spring album.


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  1. I prefer the real tulips to the artificial ones…and if you take a picture of something natural and play around with it, well, it is artificial. Sorry, I am old fashioned about things like that…well, except for Andy Warhol.


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