MYSTERY! Not Really, the Butler Did It (Photo 101- Day 11)



I hear childcare is expensive…eating up most of many mothers’ or fathers’ salaries. But wait until you have to support a butler! Not easy on my pay. And unlike Carson, who seems so wise and kind at heart in spite of that stern exterior, my butler has started playing with knives and other blunt but potentially deadly implements. Seems more than usually surly lately too. So when that snotty old lady who lives next door disappeared and I remembered Butler Hyde had been sharpening the knives a lot lately, I did wonder. But it wasn’t until he asked me if I knew where our shovel was that I grew seriously suspicious. But enough about my problems…

I do take things very literally and always from a crime fiction perspective. So a mystery is a mystery is a mystery and there’s always crime involved. None of this mystery of nature, life, truth and beauty stuff for me.

Happy Friday.




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