Day Ten/Photo101: Warmth

To photograph warmth, today’s assignment, I should have taken a selfie of me hugging a grandchild or a picture of a nest of baby birds with their mommy or the warm spring New Mexico sun (projected to be a hot New Mexico sun by Sunday) or at least a fireplace. Unfortunately, I came to work early and will be here all day and none of those metaphors for warmth are available—well the sun is but not at its dawn or dusk prettiest. Much as I like and respect my staff I’m not feeling like a photo of several of them holding hands is where this photo challenge wants to go.

Then I looked down at my personal, low-maintenance and reliable source of warmth, “HeatDish.” You see most of the people who work and study here like it cool. I don’t; I always like warm.  So here’s a small photo album dedicated to — the personal heater.


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  1. Great idea for warmth. i can relate to this. I have been cold all Winter. Started in December and even last evening I put on a fuzzy sort of jacket…that in the old days…really old days, might be called a Smoking Jacket. You put this on when you smoked your pipe. This kept the occasional little fire ball that popped out of your pipe (given to you by your children at Christmas, which of course, your wife picked out…just like the smoking jacket). Is this a scene from Father Knows Best? Can you imagine that your photo started a thought process about smoking jackets and Father Knows Best? You just never know where that old train of thought will take you. I do so enjoy reading your posts, really I do Marjorie. I am hoping that next year you can come back east and perhaps we can make some road trips together. Would you like to stay on the beach?


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