Day Five/Photo101: Solitude

Tingley Beach and the Bosque along the Rio Grande make up for Albuquerque’s many less desirable traits. Love this place. It is my place for outdoor solitude, thinking, liking where I live. It’s best at dawn in the summer but right now isn’t bad either! Used both my Nikon CoolPix and Galaxy 5 Smartphone. Not surprisingly Galaxy doesn’t really work as well for getting up close and personal from a distance. Did that make sense? No, after Photograph 101 with WordPress I’m hoping to be able to talk ‘photography.’



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  1. Emilio Pasquale

    Some great lighting in these shots. I have a place I go to nwhen I need solitude but I didn’t even think of it for my post as it doesn’t really say solitude. It’s a turn out overlooking Red Rok Canyon in Nevada. Whenever I need to think, I go there!


  2. All such great shots.


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