Day One/Photo101: The Genes


First Photography 101 post. Since I’m already at work I couldn’t take any cozy apartment photos but I thought starting at the beginning of me could count as HOME.

I’m full-blooded Scandinavian: 7/8 Norwegian/1/8 Swede—family fact. According to Ancestry that’s mostly true (93%) except for the 7% Russian, Irish, English—The Northern People. Those Vikings did get around, didn’t they? This map is my world, where my DNA originated. HOME.

If it seems like cheating to begin with a map, I have actually discovered one of the hardest things to do with my little Nikon Coolpix is to take photos of indoor art of any kind without getting glare from a lamp or flash. Even going out of doors didn’t resolve the problem of angle with the map all faded and the pipes brighter. I did fool around with settings a bit but to no avail.

I suppose if I read all of the instructions that accompany the camera there might be a resolution for this! So tried in my darkened office, lit office and outdoors. Only outdoors worked. And it turns out I like the idea of my gene’s home propped up on the gas or water pipes or whatever they are out back of our building.


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  1. Very nice.😊 thorough


  2. I like your idea with the map! 🙂


  3. Hi! Are you not missing something. I’ve heard that we all originally comes from some where in the middle of Africa. I live there nouw so I feel like home (almost). This is an association I would like to develop. Thank you.


  4. Cool take on the theme 🙂


  5. I am not sure where some of my Grandparents came from. The old country which apparently is Germany or Poland or someplace in between and Dudley, England for the other set. I need to research this. You keep doing posts that make want to find my roots and then archive it in some way in case a later generation would like to know about our family.


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