Pickled Herring and Pomegranate Juice

???????????????????????????????It was a snowy Friday morning. I brought pickled herring and cottage cheese and Susanna brought good crackers and butter and we washed it all down with pomegranate juice—just a little celebratory feast. Not sure what we were celebrating except life and our love for pickled herring and Friday and snow. But that’s enough isn’t it?







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  1. Pickled herring? I have not seen that in Dover…do we have that in Dover? What does it taste like? I have had sardines. I remember as a child I heard sardines were “brain food” so I purchased some. I remember they were ok. I have not had them since and this may explain why my brain did not grow properly…I did not eat enough of them. I hear New Mexico had some more snow, and looks like that is so. You have had more snow than Delaware and that is ok with me. Your snow party looks fun….did you make snow ice cream???


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