Nothing Much

Last night I went to abs class and when I came out it was snowing…the slushy stuff sliding down the windshield under the lights of the parking lot.

Then I came home and broke my new eating pattern (more about that later–it’s a little interesting) with a bowl of cream-cooked grits with a pool of butter on top along with a glass of wine. It was lovely. It was too late in the evening. I have had a stomach ache ever since. I won’t do that again, at least for a few weeks until I forget how bad it makes me feel. Dumb Marj. Forgetful Marj. Make-a-new-list Marj.

Sorry…best I can do…a windshield in the parking lot photo.




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  1. Grits, butter, and wine. Even I know this is not a good combination. I suggest fresh cooked oatmeal with hot tea. Wine is good with 2 pieces of good cheese and an apple. Not eating anything in the evening sounds like some sort of punishment. We had snow this week, just a couple of inches, but more on the way Sunday night.


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