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Sometimes, when the light is right. Albuquerque gets all golden at pre-sunset.

Sometimes, when the light is right. Albuquerque gets all golden at pre-sunset.

When you just can’t post a single line to any of those blogs you love so much…one day goes by…another…you wonder, ‘are you done with this foolish enterprise?’…still another…yup, one more…this is serious writer’s block or posting block or thinking block.

But suddenly it’s Wednesday, cloudy outside, you had a great sandwich for lunch and you are once again inspired (inspired=to be filled with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative). Or maybe not inspired. Maybe guilt-ridden because you vowed to post something something something anything everything that-thing on a blog every day.

The only way to get over writer’s block is to write, right? I’m writing, soon I’ll post this. I’ll be cured. Thank you great universal word spirit.

My new writing class has started, my California son visited for the weekend, we’ve hired two great new people at work and the last of my old restored family photos are framed.

Would you accept some random golden photos for a few make-up posts? Thank you.

Here’s the drive up to Steven’s on Tramway when the gold descends over the city.

From my house.

From my house.




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  1. That sign….North I 25 Santa Fe I so want to see that sign again and again and again. That area and on up toward Ghost Ranch is quite spectacular. Thanks for showing me that Marjorie it was one of my best days…ever. Yes, I remember that special Albuquerque sunset color…well, sort of watermelon, but perhaps some other color??


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