The Pleasures of a Cold


Home today preventing a cold from becoming a full-blown bronchial episode. Here are the preventative measures. Within an hour of symptoms appearing last night, I took my first dose of EmergenC. Shortly thereafter I had a small wine with lots of mineral water and then topped it off with a prednisone tablet. One more EmergenC this morning, lots of sleep and, voila, 24 hours later I am well.

To make sure I am well tomorrow will be a day off as well. Just to catch up on life. A sick day when you’re not too sick is a little like crossing the international dateline. You’ve lost a day but it hasn’t been actual or too painful.

The thing is I cannot afford to take one more day off until I’m on an actual trip out of town. No wonder I’m taking such good care of myself—usually.

Now an hour or two of political TV which is covering the quick and happy sellout of three million copies of Charlie Hebdo. Don’t know what good it will do in the history of the world—but it feels good nevertheless. Eff you murdering creeps.

Republicans are everywhere…. The weather was briefly cloudy and snowy but now sunlight is projected for the next 4212 days….I just got a bill for $800+ that my insurance was expected to cover…I can’t have a border collie in my apartment.

Oh well. There are lots of books to read and Cheetos and Fritos to eat and pictures to take and warm winter socks to wear. It’s okay.


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