Early on a January Morning…Before going to WORK

2015 is officially launched with the 5th season of Downton Abbey. It’s nice, this winter glut of entertainment: “Downton Abbey”; Oscar countdown; soon another “House of Cards”; and signing up with Hulu for the highly recommended Scandinavian version of “The Bridge.” Makes me want to curl up with a good screen and never leave the house.

However, on this early cold January morning, I must go to work. And that’s what I’m thinking about. If I am correctly counting, I have been working 57 years with some blocks of weeks or months off here and there to have kids, live abroad, subsist on unemployment once, some travel—so actually I’ve only worked about 50 years. Still it does seem like I should have more money but, unfortunately, I’m way down range of the top end of the 99%.

But that’s not even what I’m thinking about this morning. I am thinking about how to BE at work. By that I mean: reserved and serious; friendly and chatty; curious and engaged with my staff; cranky and idiosyncratic; and/or bland and noncommittal? Isn’t it odd to be thinking about that after all these years in the workplace—when I have probably veered among all of the above.

It is just that I want to be fair to my very nice job and hard-working staff while still acknowledging I am in a whole new phase of my life. A phase that demands I bring 40 hours a week worth of value to my paid employment while having removed myself from all the attendant work-related socially-oriented activities that are a big part of what gives ”work” its hugely important place in all of our lives. That piece now belongs to writing. So there.

Okay then. Showered, coffeed, bundled up, out to the cold car. Here I am. Opting for pleasant (previously referred to as bland and noncommittal) with exactly eight hours of attention available.

And I will never wear my gym clothes to work. Never. Tacky.




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  1. oh dear, how many years have I been working? I had my first summer job when I was 13 years old. Does that count?


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