A Poetry Evening



Next week I’m going to have dinner with my poet-loving, poet friend and I want to be able to speak a coherent word or two about contemporary poetry. So I am back with ModPo this evening, my poetry MOOC from the University of Pennsylvania. It really is quite a brilliant class.

Although one must make a conscious effort not to flop down on the couch and hit ON for a pre-holiday weekend evening of the everlasting pondering of black and white and violence and dead kids. Just shut up, I want to say, we’re a racist society, will we ever deal with that? No? Then admit who we are. Isn’t that an AA thing, acknowledge your problem and then you can deal with it. Not us. America is in a perpetual state of denial. Who me? Racist? Sometimes I truly loath this country. But then where’s the kumbaya land we’re…

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