Keeping Up is hard to do…



Whatever anyone says, and however many problems they have, the New York Times is still the most reliable overall source of news around. It arrives on my doorstep (or nearby) faithfully every morning, sometimes to be read right then, sometimes that evening and sometimes not all week.

I cannot bear to throw those un- or partially read papers away though until I’ve at least skimmed them—what if a most astounding piece of information—that I needed to know—never reached my eye.

Last week for example, I found a story in the Thursday Home section about the bathroom habits of the rich and famous who occupy Manhattan’s skyscrapers.  F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote “Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me.” Yes, they are if we can judge them by their bathrooms. Of course these bathrooms must be the exception or they wouldn’t have warranted a…

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