The Holiday Report by the Peripheral Introvert

Although I claim not to like most (maybe all) holidays there are some aspects of holiday-making that are quite wonderful. Not going to work and candied sweet potatoes and bread stuffing are the main ones.

There are also those few wonderful hours at the at the heart of a celebration when the whole world is quiet…but then Black Friday or the Peace-On-Earth Christmas Evening Blowout  or the Christ-Arose Easter Night Shopping Marathon kicks in. Or alternately the crack of heads and clang of beer cans as football practices its tacky magic on America’s psyche.

Actually, for peripheral introverts there is virtually nothing besides being off work and the sweet potatoes and stuffing that is meaningful about holiday celebrations as they currently exist.

 Peripheral Introverts aren’t necessarily grumpy, even though we occasionally seem that way!  I, for example, have holiday plans which will not involve big groups, worrying about money, feeling depressed or eating too much—although I will continue to miss my mother because that’s what I do on special occasions.

In fact I have plans for my own holidays which only a few of my closest family, friends and comrades will be invited to share. But more about all that later.

The purpose of today’s post is really to introduce this new series which will be brought to you throughout The Big Winter Shopping Event called Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year.  The Holiday Report will alternate Coming of Age posts, all intended to cheer you up by talking about excessive spending and old age. After all I was not put on this earth for happy chatter and sugar plum dancing.



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  1. Your forgo pie! This appears to be pecan pie, which is good. I always looked forward to my Mother’s pumpkin pie. You know, it may not have been the best pumpkin pie in America, but it was hers…and it meant Thanksgiving. I sure miss those special days with her and my stepfather, sister, and Schuyler. I can relive them in my mind…but nothing will ever take the place of that special pumpkin pie….


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