Poetry, Carrots, the Bosque=Perfect Day



At this moment I am perfectly happy. You know that feeling/happy-place/emotion/moment-in-time when it strikes. Yes? Me happy. Perfectly happy. Immersed in the moment.

Very early morning I dip into poetry again. Am I interested? Still don’t know. But I am finding it pleasurable with morning coffee. Goes on awhile. Emily, Walt. Have always known how important they are in the world of poetry. Certain I’ve read some in college classes labeled 101/ 201, maybe 301.

Cloudy. 9am. A walk. The Bosque. Three jackets (two too many). God of Walks. Thank you for the clouds. Please let New Mexico have more. I want to put my arms around this morning and the clouds and fall. Could I plead to the gods of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Nudism, Buddhism, Wiccanism, Hinduism, Vegetarianism to give us New Mexicans more clouds?

LATER: It is a normal fall day, i.e. cloudy, chill (but not too…), windy…

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