10:25PM: Jetlag 1, Me 0. Short sleeps then nights of wakefulness. A slightly dopey state of daytime being. It rained this evening. Addis Ababa is chilly damp green place. About 7,500 feet high and between three and four million people.

Addis seems a dark city. Our fourth floor ceiling to floor windows look out on the city skyline offering up a mere scattering of lights. Where’s the neon gaudiness of night time in the metroplex as we know it? In fact in the whole panorama before me I see exactly one red sign, too distant to know what it might entice me to buy. The short distance between that city skyline and me is densely suburban but there’s an absence of street lights also. I know from all my previous visits to this continent that every few streets there’s the tiny, tin or other found-material-built shack with shelves of crackers…

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