Freak Out Time

Once again I had vowed to post everyday on my blog called Today X 365 — which was named so I would be forced to post every day. Once again, I simply cannot. But I do have good excuses, many of them in fact.

  • I must finish a giant newsletter at work before leaving on the Big Trip plus the daily round of meetings, etc.
  • I must write a large paper for my writing class, an original brilliant oh-so-readable paper built on ‘found texts.’

 And then there are the little things:

  • I must buy real pajamas for the trip since I’ll be sharing rooms with grandchildren from time to time.
  • I must buy a big soft new running/sweatsuit to wear on all flights around the world so I do not freeze to death.
  • I must try not to have a serious meltdown with the visa service for the government of India which is easily the most f*cked up operation I’ve ever encountered. First time I’ve ever had a problem getting a visa. EVER. And I’ve been to 90 countries, at least a quarter of them have required a visa. I think it’s not because I suddenly have been deemed a criminal but more because of the famous infamous bureaucracy of that country. But I won’t tag this—don’t want them banning me forever.

Once the paper and newsletter are done, the travel blogging becomes big and real and intense and everyone will love it. I promise.

Meanwhile all is well. My almost-21-year-old housepainter and I did a little birthday shopping and had dinner at the new fish place in the mall, Bonefish. Tasty crab cakes and coconut shrimp, mediocre salad but nice service and pleasant atmosphere. Not too noisy…my main concern…whatever the food is like. She leaves for college in Lubbock in a few days. But she has promised me never never never to become a Republican no matter how long she’s over there.

So I cannot return to blogging until September 4th.

See you then.

The perfect house painter, doesn't drink, smoke or cuss. At least around her grandmother. She's studying interior design and architecture so this is project #1.

The perfect house painter, doesn’t drink, smoke or cuss. At least around her grandmother. She’s studying interior design and architecture so this is project #1. Guess I should have dusted the back porch lamp before taking this photo. Don’t look, okay.


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  1. Reblogged this on Marjorie Neset's TIME AND PLACE and commented:

    To return September 4th.


  2. I believe all the excuses, and the paint job is quite amazing, really. I will see you on the 2nd. Did you call Roy for directions??


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