MOOCs Again

Two weeks of great company. Love my family. Hanging out with them. But I get behind because when these interesting people are around I would rather talk to them than do my other favorite stuff.

So back to my MOOCs tonight. And here’s why you too should get involved. Especially through Coursera. We all have things we are curious about but have never read the right book or taken that class. Or if you’re like me you may well have read the book, taken the class but have forgotten half (or more…) of the relevant info.

Taking a MOOC is so easy. Go on line, sign up, go to the lectures whenever you have time. You do have to have a good enough Wi-Fi connection to stream but otherwise no problem. You can read books to go with the course—in other words some serious study—or you can do what I do, just pour a coffee or wine and listen. It’s almost always more interesting than TV. Most TV. Although I’ve only had one class that competes with House of Cards…that would be the French Revolution which has enough deception, murder, political violence for several Houses of Cards!

I’m just getting into The Camera Never Lies and A Brief History of Humankind—more about them later.

Think of your favorite college or even high school class ever. The one with the super animated interesting professor/teacher. But it was so much work—all those papers and tests. Now imagine doing it again with just the cool professor part and none of that other stuff. That’s what taking a MOOC is like.

I keep doing posts about MOOC land because it seems like the last place on earth where something is FREE, no commercials, you learn something or the other, and you can do it whenever you want. The free part probably won’t last so if you’re curious, check it out now.


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  1. Thanks for the information. I think my brain is just mush and does not want to receive any new information. That is not good.


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