Back to Real Life

Lovely weekend with visiting son and local son. What interesting and good people they are. Great dinner out, shopping for new electronic toys with my bonus, Norwegian cooking series–tasty and scenic,  and working with my family history gallery. All blog posts to come.

For this morning though another note. First of all feel like I’m coming down with a late summer bug so I’m in a bad mood. Secondly, a morning opinion piece in the Times did nothing to lift my spirits. Wish I could find something untrue about it. Here it is

Goodbye Albuquerque, Land of Violence In case this link doesn’t work it’s in Sunday, August 3rd, Opinion pieces.

Maybe a venti non-fat latte will improve life.

Tomorrow: Charles Place and a really really good dining experience.





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  1. I was concerned that you might have been in the flooded area.The link did not work, but perhaps I can find it. Albuquerque like so many cities has big problems and we don’t seem to be able to get ahead of them. Even in little old Dover we have our violence and crime. Take a look at Wilmington, Delaware, crime capital of the state. Guns guns and death death and violence against people young and old. What the hell is going on? Our society is violent and becoming more so. Just saw the list of 20 more peaceful countries, we were not among them, bit surprise….now I am depressed.


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