More Rain

What am I supposed to complain about if we have rain every day? Bah Humbug…it won’t last! But for now it is splendid, brilliant, beautiful, life affirming wet rain. So because I’m a pitiful moisture starved New Mexican I took pictures of rain from my front porch.

Three raindrops on cactus.

Three raindrops on cactus.

Three raindrops on other leaves.

Three raindrops on other leaves.

Out Front. Getting Dark.

Out Front. Getting Dark.


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  1. I actually had to water the flowers a bit the last couple of days. However, your rain is headed our way and we may have a rainy weekend. You should take a rain vacation instead of the Middle East. India during the monsoons would give you plenty of rain, although they have a lot of floods. Too much of a good think. Enjoy the rain and I hope you get more…want it to end before I get there. When I was in Albuquerque the last time you picked me up and we went the “back way” to Santa Fe in a rainstorm…lots of rain…and then some snow in Santa Fe and Los Alamos.


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