Travel and the Gym

I love my gym. Really. Pres Healthplex. Catering to people in rehab, seniors and the entire medical and non-medical staff of Presbyterian Hospital. See, you can’t possibly feel out of place. Although I will admit the 25-year-old beautiful blonde with the gorgeous tan body on the mat next to me at Abs class this afternoon was a little intimidating.

The part about travel is this. I’m imagining squat toilets in the wilds of the Okavango Delta and I’m imagining the many flights which require flinging bags into the overhead. Now granted I will have a grandson with me for the entire trip but I don’t want to feel old and pathetic and wait for him to help me.

So I asked our favorite abs instructor what I need to do to prepare for the aforementioned circumstances. The result—I now have a plan which will require extra time at the gym for the next few weeks. But in the end I’ll be able to squat and fling like a youngster or at least a young oldster.I must have just the right photo to go with this post. Nothing of me squatting or flinging at least. Maybe Botswana.

I did. You see I was in Botswana for two days a few years ago. I took a bus from Joburg and made a bad hotel choice so I wound up in a semi-luxurious casino which I hated but didn’t have the energy to change. I have a post about it somewhere. More bad choices, the only day I was there was Sunday and everything closes. But I walked around the very friendly and mostly unprotected President’s and Government Offices and saw a plant that was new to me. Also read an entire book. This time Botswana will be wild animals and adventure. I think.

President's place. Botswana has a very good government.

President’s place. Botswana has a very good government.


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  1. Do I need to go to the gym and practice with my luggage? That is why god invented porters. Well, actually, it is just a large suitcase on wheels which I can manage. Although you did remind me that I really need to do something about my upper body strength. I walk 6 days a week and am reasonable healthy, but where there were once sort of muscles, there seems to be sort of cellulite or flab or something. I am afraid my ability to sling is not good.


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