My Greening Thumb

The goal is to keep my three plants alive for some extended period of time. If that works I will get a cat. Then a dog. Then I’ll adopt a Moldovan orphan. Just kidding. No dogs or orphans but I am serious about the plants and the cat.

I only wanted one plant. It sits in the kitchen window and looks healthy on alternate weeks. Then my semi-thoughtful (I really wanted a whole box of Cinnabons just for me) son came with two more plants for mother’s day. What to do? I couldn’t just let them die—so now I worry and water and try to place them in sunlight they will enjoy. I say good morning to them and I may even buy a new pot for the pretty one.

I wish I just would have gone straight to the cat. So here they are. Because I don’t have any other pictures for today.

Petunia, right?

Petunia, right?

This is the pretty one. What is it?

This is the pretty one. What is it?


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  1. The first two plants look very healthy, the last one, not so much. They don’t mind indirect sun, in fact, they may prefer it. We have two at the Gallery and they have not much son, don’t let them get too dry, ours should…should…be watered every week, but a lot of water. I have several feral cats outside on my deck…how many do you want. I could even arrange to have a basket full of kitties arrive for you at the Sunport!


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